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Meet The Fact Checking Team

Amatullah is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education at the respectable Ashoka College of Education. She has completed courses in the History of English Language and Literature, Introduction to Western Political Thought and Theory, and Development of Soft Skills and Personality. Having won many elocution competitions, she has always been lauded for her writing abilities. She has an immense love for literature and spends a lot of time reading books or writing poetry in her spare time.

Amanpreet is a graduate of the highly regarded Xavier Institue of Social Service, completing her post-graduate qualification majoring in Finance and minoring in Marketing. She has worked as a research analyst intern at Decimal Point Analytics and, more recently, as a Data Analyst at the Royal Bank of Scotland. Her respected theory paper, titled 'How CSR Programs Are Affected Because Of Covid-19', has recently been published with high commendation.

With a passion and zest for writing and expressing, Nishtha has worked as an SEO writer and editor with several publishing houses registered in India and the US. She is currently pursuing an undergraduate major degree in Literature and Communication and a minor degree in Political Science from the University of Delhi. She has completed a certificate master course in English from the British Council and is also appointed as the editor for the bi-monthly magazine of the University of Delhi.

Dimple is from a commerce background. She graduated from Gargi College at the University of Delhi with a bachelor's degree in Economics and has recently graduated from the Indira Gandhi National Open University with a master's degree in Economics. Alongside this, she also took a creative writing course during her undergrad and has some knowledge of digital art and graphic design, which she pursues as a hobby.

Naman is an English Literature graduate from Delhi University and will soon start his post-graduation in the same field. Other subjects that intrigue him are mathematics, science, and social science. His knowledge and expertise across different subjects are valuable assets to our Fact-Checking team.

Pradhanya completed her Bachelor’s in Commerce from Christ University, Bangalore. Her passion for the English language and literature compelled her to try her hands at content. Not so surprisingly, she turned out to be excellent at it and gained extensive experience writing, reviewing, editing, and fact-checking. She is also certified in Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, and Social Media Marketing.

Spandana did her graduation in Political Science from Acharya Nagarjuna University. Because of her interest in psychology, she plans to pursue her Master’s in the same field. When not occupied with her job or studies, she likes reading crime thrillers novels while listening to RnB music. To keep herself motivated and in high spirits, Spandana often writes stories and poems. Although introverted by nature, she is keen on making new friends and discussing common interests with them.

Shruti is an English Major at Garden University, Bengaluru, with a particular interest in American, British, and children’s literature. She is also fluent in Nepali, Hindi, and Mandarin. With her brilliant communication and editing skills, she can efficiently tackle multiple tasks and even provide support to her colleagues. Her other interests are non-fiction literature, aesthetics, early childhood education, and Egyptian history. Shruti’s proficiency in these areas is evident in her current research paper ‘'Bringing Art Illustrations In Education And Pop Culture'.

Fact-checkers need to have an eye for details, and Sudeshna fits the role perfectly. Her love for reading and research only brings more to the table. Her Master’s in History from the prestigious Presidency University, Kolkata, helped her hone these skills. With her keen interest in gender research, interaction with societies, and mental health, she is valuable to our team. Her experience as a freelance translator across Bengali and English content has been a great help to our content creators.

If there is someone our writers can rely on for last-minute assistance, it is Samika. With her extensive experience in the editorial field, which includes designing posters, content editing, proofreading, and social media management, she is undoubtedly a go-to person for our content teams. Her association with NGOs and a publishing agency and contribution to college fests ensure her creativity. Samika has already earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from reputed KJ Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and is already set to start her post-graduation in English at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Energetic and versatile, Sakshi is a powerhouse of talent and skill. Despite her young age, she has displayed exceptional communication, critical thinking, relationship-building, and leadership skills. During her time at university, Sakshi won a Certificate of Appreciation for Creative Writing, a Certificate of Merit for Immaculate Turnout (attendance), and a TASVIM ​​Mathematical Ability Merit Scholarship Test. She has experience with marketing strategy, social media planning, and the ability to recruit industry experts for capstone projects. Sakshi looks for opportunities to enhance her skill and knowledge in her free time.

Vikhaash has a BA (Hons) in International Business from the University of Hull in 2019, which has hugely helped him in his research and content editing work.

A drummer, swimmer, runner, and tutor, that’s Gowri for you, our in-house powerhouse. Being an economics graduate, her expertise in data analytics, causation modeling, and regression modeling is second to none. She is proficient in psychology, her minor subject in college. She gained expertise in fundamental theories and hypothesis testing, which surely comes in handy when dealing with teams. Other impressive interests of Gowri include economic trends, finance, and investment research.

Niyati is a digital marketer, content creator and writer, social media marketer, blogger, and artist. She holds a certification in google analytics and digital marketing and has been on the digital scene for quite a while, with three successful blogs. She has a bachelor's degree in Commerce from Savitribai Phule Pune University. She has experience in writing and marketing for the history web magazine MuseumFacts and she was also the Vice President Education at the Toastmaster's Club of Pune. While at Toastmasters she won various awards, represented her club at the area level in the International Speech Contest, and secured a trophy at the club's writing contest! Additionally, she is a polyglot and is well versed in six languages.

Pratiti has completed a master's degree in Biotechnology at Presidency University and a bachelor's degree in Microbiology at Calcutta University. As she comes from a science and medical background, writing science and healthcare articles is her forte. She also has a keen interest in history, heritage and climate change issues so over the years she has contributed to various websites on topics on these subjects. She has also worked with a few startups from eco-friendly product business ventures to climate-related NGOs.

A trained English language and soft skills tutor, Anushikha prides herself on her excellent communication skills. Her experience working with students has helped her hone her skills in content development, academic writing, and MS Office. Her excellent time management and organizational skills make her detailed-oriented and personable. During her two-year professional life, she’s worked with Camp K-12, where she’s tutored students from different countries on creative writing and public speaking and has created lesson plans and tutor notes to be used by the instructors during the classes. She was also a content writer for The Voice of Women, where she researched and wrote articles on concerns related to female health and feminine hygiene.

A creative writer and tech enthusiast through and through, Abdulqudus is what we’d call a muti-faceted professional. A detailed-oriented and versatile person, he is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Law from the University of Lagos. His previous experience includes being a freelance tutor at St. George Comprehensive College, Ogun, Nigeria, an intern assistant at C Photograpjy and Studios in Lagos, and a volunteer at Helen Keller International, Lagos. He believes his strength lies in his creative writing and organizational skills.

If one person embodies the term ‘generalist’, it would be Shreya. At a young age, she’s managed to try her hand at client servicing, email marketing, content and e-commerce management, digital marketing, and creative content writing, making her versatile and adept. She believes that education is the foundation of a successful career and has earned herself a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi, and is currently seeking admission for a full-time degree.

Armed with a graduate and postgraduate degree in Commerce, Shivangi is a force to reckon with. Earning her Master’s degree from the renowned Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur, she’s spent her time upskilling herself and brings a wealth of knowledge in creative content writing and marketing to the team. Her enthusiasm as a content writer and editor makes her a great team player and innovative thinker. When she’s not working, Shivangi sharpens her skills by learning about the dynamic educational system.

Possessing a flair for content writing that revolves around travel, education, digital marketing, and branding, Aanchal is a passionate, creative writer and digital marketeer. They can be an efficient team leader. Her social media and digital marketing know-how, paired with her creative content development abilities, make her a force to reckoned with. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Computer Science) from SKN College of Engineering, Pune, she’s earned a reputation for being an analytical, creative, and dedicated content professional. You’ll find her curled up with a book or spending time with her family and friends in her free time.

Sakshi’s specialty lies in working with the brand looking to grow its organic reach and income through various creative content platforms. With expertise in lead-generation content that not only creates engagement but bolsters a company’s online presence, she’s managed to provide visible results and help grow revenue streams. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and International relations from Calcutta University, this fact-checker derives satisfaction from her various creative pursuits like writing, search engine optimization, and more.

Young and eager, Rakesh has a keen thirst for knowledge. He is exceedingly enthusiastic and willing to learn. He’s a team player who is well-versed in both English and Malayalam. Before joining Kidadl, Rakesh worked with online platforms, Gizmo Posts, Morning Picker, and websites providing information on entertainment and current affairs. When he’s not busy tapping away at his keyboard, you’ll find him drawing, and reading.

A top-ranked medalist in the International English Olympiad, a qualifier at the National Spelling Bee, and a PSAT / SAT English Section Top Ranker, Smriti is only just getting started on her road to success. A student that’s currently pursuing her Bachelor Of Technology (B.Tech) from the reputed K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Smriti has accomplished so much in such a short time. This student data scientist and coder is proficient in content creation and editing of both professional and casual literary works. Her skill is backed by her experience with similar notable roles at various academic institutions.

Mamta is an award-winning creative writer who decided to venture into the world of freelance content after her full-time job as a home maker. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Kumaun University, Mallital, Nainital, her writing for Kidadl is a reflection of her skill as as detail-oriented, research-oriented, and creatively-inclined professional. Her impeccable spelling and vocabulary makes her a reliable resource. What’s more, SEO-friendly approach and relatability makes for engaging content you can’t get enough of.

Vismita loves working with an organization that offers challenges, responsibilities, and decision-making opportunities. She can blend the functional and technical knowledge she gained from her experience with an intention for continuous growth and better career prospects. At Kidadl, she’s presented with that very challenge. With versatile skills that include content writing, proofreading, and problem-solving, Vismita’s interpersonal skills, strong work ethic, and adaptability make her an ideal candidate to lead a team and impart valuable knowledge you can only gain from a professional environment. When she’s not working, you’ll find her engaged in creative pursuits like painting or exercising her title of ‘Environmentalist’. Her extracurriculars have even made her a Green Olympiad.

Bringing an artistic mind to our team, we have Dimple, a final year Management Studies student. She is pursuing courses in UI/UX Design and Social Media Management to advance her career. As a committed student, Dimple earned distinctions in Commerce and Science modules. She started her career as an English teacher, thanks to her love for the language, and trained students between the ages of 4-44 for six months. She considers her job most rewarding. She has also gained experience in content editing and proofreading, data monitoring, and search engine optimization.

Naman has a Bachelor's degree in English with a minor in History from Sophia Girls' College, Ajmer. She has tutored both school and college students and is currently pursuing an MA in English Language and Literature and a post-graduate diploma in Book Publishing, both through distance learning at the Indira Gandhi National Open University. She also plans on pursuing an MA in History. She has worked as a content and academic writer, writing everything from SEO website content to blogs, articles, product descriptions, reviews and more, for clients from various countries. She has also created social media posts and strategies for a few local businesses over the years. She has always been a creative person and has won various awards for her work in art and crafts, creative writing, and dramatics.

Before coming on board with Kidadl, Deeti was a part of many research papers, digital publishing platforms, and editorials. Her love for creative writing motivated her to explore the field, and she finally found her place in our fact-checking team. Her research-oriented approach and focus on details help inspire our writers to develop original articles. Deeti is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts specializing in economics, history, and English literature. She has won several accolades during her academic life and won various writing competitions. Her exceptional articles and poems have been published across multiple portals.

Sahaana's English EF SET and Spanish language certifications made her well-versed in these two languages. She is also fluent in Tamil and Telugu. After completing her B.E. in Electronics and Communication from Panimalar Engineering College in 2014, she started her M.E. Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Rajalakshmi Engineering College, which she acquired in 2016. Her professional background includes experiences across different industries and profiles. She started working as a personal secretary at Saveetha Engineering College but soon found a job as an assistant professor at Apollo Engineering College. Sahaana also worked as a language support before joining Kidadl as a fact-checker.

Shray is an aspiring web and app developer who dreams of working with promising startups. He is already on his way to attaining his professional goal, thanks to his work with Kidadl. He is currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science. He has already earned a Google analytics certification. While completing his graduation, Shray is also gaining experience in digital marketing. He has worked as a marketing manager at Parallax Virtual Arts, handling the company's social media, content, and SEO strategies. Shray intends to produce engaging articles that appeal to audiences and provide valuable insights.

Chandan is a technocrat who never misses a chance to learn new technology. He developed a fascination for tech at a young age and decided to study the field in college. Hence, he opted for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Aryabhatta College, University of Delhi. He graduated in 2022 and completed a training program in machine learning to be more competent in the sector. He is well-versed in various programming languages and looks forward to exploring opportunities to enhance his knowledge and skills. Chandan has been a content writer for two years now but is also on his way to pursuing his dream of becoming a tech professional.

Eager to learn and grow, Prakriti is not your average 18-year-old. Currently completing a BA in Business Administration at the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, she’s managed to earn accolades like ranking 155 in her state with a 95% in the 11th International Commerce Olympiad by Commerce Teachers Foundation (2020). She also secured second place in the Inter-school Bizgeist competition held by Cambridge. Presently, she’s a freelance content fact-checker with Kidadl. She has previously worked as a content writer, researching and writing articles on a wide range of topics.

A born leader, Divyarani has spent a considerable amount of time participating in various leadership programs. From founding the UN75 Dialogues, a forum to address various challenges in the face of rapid changes, to being an advisor to the Rotaract Club Of Srmist and Convenor at the Directorate of Student Affairs in Chennai, she’s no stranger to hard work and dedication. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology, Computer Science and Engineering from SRM Institute Of Science And Technology, Tamil Nadu, Divyarani is freelancing to hone her writing, content strategy, digital marketing, and social media skills.

A highly motivated and creative individual, Devika has experience as a writer, designer, proofreader, editor, and fact-checker. Currently pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Institute of Hydropower and Technology, Uttarakhand, she’s ventured into the world of freelance content creation to keep her mind engaged and hone her talents. When she’s not working, you’ll find her enjoying the theater, calligraphy, typography, a game of chess, reading, sketching, painting, photography, and anime and manga. With a flair for languages, she can speak fluent English and Hindi and is currently learning French and Japanese.