Frequently Asked Questions

After I have made a booking, how long will I wait to receive my ticket/voucher?
How do I download your free printables?
What kind of resources do you provide?
Do events sell out?
How do age guidelines work?
How can I find what's right for my child and family?

Post-event booking questions

I have not received my booking confirmation by email? What shall I do?
How do I pick up my tickets?
How do I know my booking is confirmed?
Do I need to print out my booking confirmation email?
My friends and family have booked our tickets separately - will we be seated together?

Changes and refunds

Can I make changes to my ticket after I've booked and paid??
The weather is terrible and our event is outdoors? What do we do?


How can I sign up to Kidadl?
Do I have to create a password on Kidadl?
How do you make use of my information?

Payment process

Why have I been sent to a third-party link?
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